Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daily Report

Today is Sunday.

Ampyra X
AMVits X
PM Vits --
Bed Vits X
Shot X
Exercise - Sunday. Off. Besides that, migraine.
Water (oz) approximately 1.5L or 52 oz

Diet - Three small pieces of a Newman's Own pepperoni pizza, a multigrain English muffin with butter and homemade cranberry-orange jam (no HFCS), a glass of milk and 1/2 cup of Main St. Bistro Yukon Gold mashed potatoes.

Activity - Virtually nil. I stayed in bed the majority of the day given my migraine.

Nap - All day due to painkillers and migraine.

Day Rating - I'm calling this one an 8.

Overall Wellbeing - Migraine. Woke up with it. Photosensitivity.

Today I was awakened "early" by the animals for breakfast. Pets don't understand Daylight Savings Time. Woke up with a migraine. I was diagnosed with this lovely symptom of my condition earlier this year. Migraine comes in various forms, and I was unfamiliar with the type MS can bring on. Today was a motherfucker of a day for pain. As you may recall from my previous days' blog entries, I've had headaches for the past two days, and they've been kept under relative control with ibuprofen. Today, no such luck. After two doses of ibuprofen, I gave in and took one of my carefully hoarded painkillers. I hate taking pills of any kind, and painkillers more than anything. They make me stupid, make me feel quite literally drugged, give me cotton-mouth and make everything feel wrapped in cotton. I took one, stayed up until I couldn't stand it anymore, then went back to bed. I got up about 9:30PM to eat something. Though I hate taking pain pills, it worked, and I'm grateful despite having to put up with the effects of it. I have a last-resort medication called sumatriptan that is supposed to kill a migraine, but I don't want to use them unless I have no other choice. I have a limited supply of them and want to save them for the most dire of circumstances. I've never taken one before, and I'm not certain how they'll affect me. I'm not taking them until I absolutely must.

 I'm supposed to go to the pool in the morning, but given my medication hangover and need to recover, I doubt that's going to happen. We'll see. More tomorrow.

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