Monday, November 5, 2012

Daily Report

I promise this blog will get more interesting as I get more used to blogging regularly. For now, though, have a daily report. This is getting old fast. Not the blogging part, but the checklist/taking care of myself part. There's a reason I'm neglectful. Between my vitamins and prescription medications, I take 15 pills plus an injection every single day. It's a full time job, just functioning daily. Even something as simple as taking a shower is an effort I don't want to spend the energy on half the time. It sounds gross, I know, but the effort it takes me to shower, even with the shower chair there to make things easier sometimes just isn't worth it. I try to take my shower just before I lie down because it seriously exhausts me, but sometimes that's just not possible. Sometimes I'm just too fucking tired to manage a shower and barely manage to drag my ass into bed to collapse.

But that's neither here nor there. I managed a shower today, which is what brought it to mind. More about that in the "Today I" section. Here we go.

Today is Monday.

Ampyra X
AMVits X
PM Vits X
Bed Vits X
Shot X 
(Check it out! All stars! Well, x's anyway! I call that a win!)

Exercise No pool today like I usually do on Mondays. I'm really still recovering from yesterday's migraine and I didn't think it was a good idea to push my limits this morning trying to make it half a mile in the water. I vacuumed the living room. (Yes, it counts as exercise for me.)

Water (oz) half a liter, plus two cups of tea, one black, one green

Diet I actually made myself two smoothie drinks today. I use what's called a Nutribullet and made two shakes today. I also had a ham and pickle sandwich (on bakery white bread, which isn't good for me, but it's what we had), some almonds, a few Lay's potato chips (what can I say? I like them and only eat a handful every now and then), and four fruit leather strips. I'm proud of myself. I actually managed to get some nutrition in today. This is kind of important for me, seeing as how I don't eat as well or as much as I should. The shakes really help and I need to keep up making them.

Activity - I went out today. My animals all had veterinary appointments, so that was an outing. It took about an hour and a half. I managed a shower before we left. I also vacuumed the living room and did the dishes. My bathroom really needs cleaning, but I haven't had the energy. Maybe tomorrow.

Nap I laid down after taking the animals to their appointment and eating my lunch, about 1:15PM. I got up about 5PM to feed everyone again.

Day Rating - Today was a good day. I'm going to call it a 1. 

Overall Wellbeing - I woke up with a little headache but that went away. It tried to come back, but I killed it with ibuprofen. I can feel my extremities. No numbness or tingling. A few balance issues today. Ran into a couple entryways going from my office to the kitchen, but that's nothing new. I knocked a few things over and made a couple messes as a result, but again, nothing new. Okay today.

See what I mean about MS being a real bitch? Yesterday I was in bed all day with a migraine. It was an 8 day. Today? 1. I'm all over the place sometimes.

Today I decided that the "Today I" section is pretty much pointless. I think this will be the last bit of it. I talk about my day in other places, so this is kind of just extra. I'll leave it out from now on.

Time for bed now.

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